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Dodge Ram Custom Trailer

Everything is bigger in Texas!

For this project we were partnered with Blaine Kern Studios to create something awesome for the Texas State Fair. Part trailer and part robot, we were tasked to engineer and produce an enormous vending machine with a display case of oversized Dodge Ram shwag merchandise.  Not only did it have to look great but it had to be functional as well.   The operator would insert the coin and make a merchandise selection using the illuminated, animated board we created and that would signal a person inside the trailer which item to dispense.  

We received a blank trailer that had to be fully wrapped in wide format digitally printed vinyl graphics along with adding digitally printed banners and digitally printed dimensional panels. 

We loved this job because it was an all hands on deck project that utilized every aspect of our shop from design, fabrication, and installation. We had a great collaborative effort with our customer that has been a stepping stone to many future jobs.