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Tip N Roll Portable Pole 2

  • User friendly portable siderwalk sign pole; Grip-Tip-Roll
  • Simple assembly: insert pole, tighten security bolt, add water/sand, install sign face with Stability Plate, and you're ready!
  • Perfect for signs from 9"x12" to 18"x24", plus 12"x36"; single/double side display
  • 18" diameter x 12" tall with recessed 3" wheels for easy rolling
  • Holds up to 30-35 lbs of water and/or sand for 30+ MPH winds
  • Pre-drilled pole with EZ-GRIP Finial
  • 'Stability Plates' keeps sign panels from twisting on pole
  • 3 Base color options; Black, Red, and Yellow
  • 2 pole height options; 48" and 60"
  • Made in USA with Recycled materials
  • Bases nest for multi-unit packing (2 pack or 3 pack) and reduced shipping

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