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OPA Signs & Graphics is capable of producing high quality and visually appealing photopolymer and tactile and braille signage that is compliant with ADA specifications. The following products are our most popular, but if you do not see an option that fits your needs, contact a sale representative at We provide functional and aesthetically-pleasing signages done by our team of experts and designers. We’ve served various industries in and outside New Orleans. Architectural Signage – Functional and Informative Signs for Public and Private Spaces.

ADA Signs

  • Tactile and Braille – An acrylic backed panel with a 1/32nd engraved letter. Tactile and braille signs offer more finishing and color options than its photopolymer counterpart.
  • Photopolymer – A solid, one piece, constructed sign. This sign is often specified in schools and other facilities.

Refer to the checklist below to serve as a guide as you decide on all of the specifications for your ADA signage project and prepare to contact an OPA sales representative

  • Choose a material
  • Choose a background color. Matthews Paint Systems color swatch. More colors available upon request. Custom matching available.
  • Choose a text color
  • If a frame is desired, choose a frame option
  • Choose a size
  • Provide signage schedule of rooms along with the information above to your OPA sales representative.

ADA Frame Options

OPA offers two frame options, the OPA Curved Frame and the OPA Flat Frame. For photopolymer signs, only the OPA Flat Frame is available.

  • Square Frame – Flat
  • Curved Frame – Domed

Non-Framed: For Tactile and Braille signs, the maximum size is 24”x 32”. For photopolymer signs, the maximum size is 19”x 25”.

All signs are mounted using VHB Tape paired with E6100 Silicon

Custom ADA Signs – We understand that the needs of each of our clients are unique, and that custom work may be necessary. That is why we offer a line of unique ADA compliant signage options as well as design services for jobs that require truly one of a kind designs. Incorporate your logo on the signage, or just design a sign that really stands out!


Lettering and logos help create identification and landmarking for your business or facility. In this section, you will find an outline of OPA’s lettering for every budget. We provide illuminated and non-illuminated, cut, cast, and fabricated metal as well as acrylic options using water jets, lasers and CNC machines to precisely cut letters and logos along with a wide variety of finishes.

Refer to the checklist below to serve as a guide as you decide on all of the specifications for your lettering project and prepare to contact an OPA sales representative.

  • Choose a material
  • Choose your desired colors from either the Matthews Paint Systems color swatch in the rear of the catalog or the finish options available for your particular letter material.
  • Make an illumination style and color selection (if applicable)
  • Choose your mounting style
  • Specify a size (height and thickness)
  • Provide the OPA sales representative with
    • A vector file of the logo (if applicable)
    • A photo of the future location of the logo or lettering (it is helpful to provide a scale for this photo)
  • Acrylic Letter: These are lightweight options you can choose over solid metal letters. You can get these painted, frosted, or just left in their natural state.
  • Cut, Cast and Fabricated Metals: These are highly durable and very easy to keep maintained whether you use them inside or out. We can do these in many different finishes, but the most typical choices are non-directional, mirror polished, and satin.
  • Fabricated Dimensional Stainless Steel letters might just be the best combination of what the industry has to offer in terms of durability, quality, caliber, and craftsmanship. They come in illuminated and non-illuminated.
  • Marquee Letters: We fabricate these by hand using copper, brass, bronze, titanium, steel, and aluminum. We can do all the possible architectural finishes as well as powder coating, and the illumination can be done in hundreds of different colors.
  • Channel Letters:
  • Metalam Letter: These are cost-efficient alternatives to solid metal letters, and they have genuine Chemetal faces which get adhered to solid acrylic because of a high-pressure technique of thermal lamination. The final product is a robust bond that makes these letters a tough as they are light in weight.
  • Illuminated Letters – two main options – Face lit and Halo Lit


At OPA, we understand the importance of getting people where they need to go, and how directional signage does just that. We work with our customers to create designs that fit seamlessly into your building’s environment and your budget. We utilize high-grade materials and a variety of finishing methods to help bring your designs to life. Let us guide you with our experience.

We offer four different categories of wayfinding signage:

  1. Directory
  2. Kiosk/ Digital Signage
  3. Directional
  4. Post and Panel

It is likely that your project requires more than one of these options. Look over the choices as laid out below and get an idea of what kind of products you will be needing.


Directory signs are crucial for every kind of building. These signs enable visitors to find their way throughout the building, whether they need reception, the restrooms, or even the elevator banks. Directory signs must be flexible, as their content will be ever-changing, which makes choosing the right kind very important.


Digital signage is a dynamic and flexible signage solution that brings your business solidly into the modern era. There is no faster way to update and change the content of a sign than adding a new digital sign to your inventory. Our digital signage solutions can come with custom frames, stands, and mounts, fabricated to fit your needs. Speak with your sales representative for more options! Additionally, our digital displays can have:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Familiar user experience to an Android operating system
  • Impressive non-touch e-poster quality in vibrant HD 1080p resolution
  • Slim freestanding design with protective tempered glass faceplate
  • Plug-n-play USB ports or personal dropbox access
  • 1 year warranty

Wecan customize our solutions to meet your needs, but our standard offerings are as follows:

  • 43” LCD Digital Display
  • 55” LCD Digital Display


Architectural plaques help convey a sense of integrity, performance, and depth. You often see plaques used for commemoration, in government or university settings, as well as for wayfinding and even branding when a more formal image is needed.

Refer to the checklist below to serve as a guide as you decide on all of the specifications for your plaque

  • Choose a material
  • Choose a background and text color, texture, and finish.
  • Choose an edge profile
  • Choose a size
  • Choose a mounting option

Material Option 1 – Cast Bronze

Material Option 2 – Precision- Machined Metal

Material Option 3 – Engraved and etched

  1. Stainless steel alloy
  2. Brass alloy
  3. Bronze alloy
  4. Copper alloy


Refer to the Matthews Paint Systems color swatch book

We can match any color from most major paint companies based on their color ID. Speak with your OPA sales representative for details.

Note that colors displayed in both print and on a computer monitor will vary slightly from the actual color produced.

What Goes Into The Successful Fabrication Of An Architectural Signage System?

The three factors are design, quality, and code compliance. In terms of design, the signs need to be attractive, something that enhances their environment, and a case of form following function.

In regards to quality, exterior signs need to be able to withstand what nature has to throw at them, while interior signs need to be more elegant. Selected materials must also provide careful detail and longevity to make it last. Sign repair and maintenance are eventually possible, meaning more money goes into those signs later on.

Code compliance means that your signs are in alignment with any ADA or OSHA federal guidelines that apply to your facility, as well as state and municipal regulations. You get to avoid fines and even lawsuits while helping out anyone who is physically disabled or visually impaired.

Let the OPA Signs & Graphics Design Team Help You

We don’t just limit our service to New Orleans, we also service the broader Gulf South region. While we’re based in New Orleans, we also serve clients in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Jefferson, and St. Tammany. Our architectural signs include monument signs, wayfinding signs, lettering, plaques, and post and panel signs. You can also get your ADA signs handled here, both rotary engraved and photopolymer. We can help you advertise your business or establishment indoors or out, using pre-made designs or through custom design work.

Whether you want to create brand awareness or show off your business through intricate designs, OPA Signs & Graphics has got all bases covered. Our team of designers help out dozens of communities around the Big Easy area and beyond through their skills and expertise.

We also help clients with digital graphics, production set designs for film and TV, as well as signs and awning. Call us today or drop by our office to get your own architectural signage for your private or public facility.

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I like their design work, plus I’ve found OPA to be reliable and efficient at delivering a quality product over many years.  They bring what they say!

Mark Inman - Coldwell Banker Vice President

The quality of the signs I purchased and the install were perfect! I was able to do a quick tour of the facility and they have some really cool stuff.

William Davidson

I can’t say enough about my experience working with OPA for both of my businesses. We have worked with them on numerous sign collaborations as well as other projects and they deliver on time, with quality products. Mark and Mike make the process easy and smooth while paying attention to all the details. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Mandy Simspon

Wonderful business to work with. There was an error upon installation and they immediately corrected it and made it right. Great response time and even better customer service. Highly recommend OPA Graphics!

Thorson Dentistry for Kids

OPA has the capacity and flexibility to handle just about any type of job, even beyond graphics and signage. Their design department is stellar, and their ability to combine traditional and digital manufacturing methods sets them apart from other companies in the region.

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