Our Turn-Key Approach

Every project is different, and OPA Signs has been excelling at adapting to the unique needs of each customer for more than 40 years.

Here, in general, are the steps we take with most clients:

  • Comprehensive site assessment and surveying
  • Thorough zoning and code investigation
  • Review of property owner requirements
  • Site-specific drawings (2-D and 3-D).
  • Applying for the necessary permits
  • In-house fabrication of the signage and architectural elements
  • Careful crating and shipping
  • Installing your signage and architectural elements
  • Warranty
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs

85% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business. **That means they can potentially see your sign 50-60 times each month.

We can help you get noticed with Building Signs, Channel Lettering, Monument or Blade signage, Window Signage , Project Signs, Architectural Wayfinding and ADA , Canopies and Awnings, or Routed 3D dimensional signs.

Interested in a new sign but not sure where to begin?

Or are you looking for some inspiration or creative ideas? Our portfolio features signs of all shapes, sizes and materials for a wide range of businesses and organizations. Make a note of which signs you like, even if they are being used in much different contexts than your own sign. Telling our representatives which signs you like will help us to understand what inspires you in a sign. Ultimately, this will help us to make a concept that you’ll love.

Lightbox Signs

OPA Internally Illuminated Light Box Signs are the most economical way to advertise your business.

We offer a wide variety of aluminum extrusions in many widths. The depth of a sign varies to meet both wind load requirements for city permits and best practice lighting optics.

A nice, even illumination is very important for night-time viewing so your logo is easy and pleasant to read. Night-time advertising is very important to your business success and is one of the main reasons for this investment to be made.  

You can count on us to design the best sign for you. OPA has been sign building over 35 years with hundreds of signs still in service.

We design, build, engineer, permit, install and maintain your sign so you can do what you do best.

Join our hundreds of satisfied customers and know you chose the right company and sign professionals to partner with.

Channel Letters

Most widely used sign type in the signing world

Channel letters are commonly used as exterior signs on the outside of storefronts, strip malls, public buildings and offices. They are often illuminated as face lit, reverse lit, halo or both.  

There are hundreds of possible channel letter choice combinations. From varied fonts to materials, styles, sizes and colors, OPA can customize channel letters to fit any style, theme and brand for your business. Today LED illumination is primarily used for lighting affording long term, low cost advertising. Channel letters require very little maintenance and are designed to last for years, making them one of the best investments you will make in your business.  OPA offers 5 year warranties on LED lighting used in all their signs.

Monument Signs

Utilizing craftsman, OPA can create an unique sign using a large range of materials such as cultured stone, granite, slate, cast stone, stucco, eifs, aluminum or any matching material designed to compliment your existing structures. The OPA design team will deliver to you the latest design, style and building techniques to enhance

your property or business.

Wayfinding / Post and Panel

It’s about helping people, mainly first time visitors to you business (or base), find their way.

Secondly, it’s about the customers experience while on your premise.

Third, it’s about image.

Custom directional signage and visual graphics designed by OPA support your brand image and enhance your building or workplace experience.

Wayfinding signage should be more than functional; it should work to support your overall brand image with visually appealing designs that blend in with your mission.

At OPA, we understand the importance of getting people where they need to go, and the role directional signage plays in doing just that. This is why we work with our customers to create custom designs that fit seamlessly into your building’s environment and your budget. We utilize high-grade materials to create all of our directional signs using a variety of decoration methods to help bring your sign’s design to life.

OPA’s design team is knowledgeable about the requirements for interior signs and engineering / permits that are required for outdoors signs. Let us guide you with our experience.

Fourth, it’s about budget, and we know how to make that work.


Utilizing craftsman, OPA can create an unique sign using a large range of materials such as cultured stone, granite, slate, cast stone, stucco, eifs, aluminum or any matching material designed to compliment your existing structures.

The OPA design team has the experience to join with your architect and deliver to you the latest design style and building techniques to enhance your property or business.

Our clients come to us for turn key solutions.

Our 40 years of experienced in design, engineering, permitting and installation takes the risk off you when you need it right.

Custom Dimensional Blade and Hanging Signs

Creativity is the key work here.  Many clients have a small footprint where they need something very attractive to stand out from their neighbors. Small signs can hang from a custom pole or from existing structure. They can hang over the sidewalk when allowed, and they can mount directly to a wall.  

A wide variety of materials can be employed, but our favorite is High Density Urethane (HDU), which can be routed in 2D or 3D relief.  

Bring us your logo and let the OPA design staff create a stunning sign.


  • Increase revenue 15-150%
  • Lower advertising costs. 7-20 cents per exposure compared to dollars of traditional advertising. 80% of sales are a direct result of your main ID Sign.
  • 40% of drivers stop on their way home.
  • Two thirds of purchases made by drivers are impulse purchases.
  • Instant message with your customers where it matters.
  • Instantly and easily update the sign for promotions, community service, hiring employees and more.

Lettering and Logos

We supply the finest dimensional letters , logos and plaques hassle-free  with the fastest delivery at fair prices.

We provide cut metal, cast metal, fabricated metal in stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic using water jets, lasers and CNC machines to precisely cut letters and logos along  with wide variety of finishes such as anodized aluminum, bronze , brass, copper , steel , powder coat and MAP paint.

Inside decor signage we have you covered with full line of display letters and logos using gemleaf, solid cast acrylic, metal laminate on acrylic and laminated on foam.

Event Signs

When your company or organization invests in event signs, you are setting the stage for success in drawing attention to the occasion, targeting customers, generating plenty of interest and achieving your attendance goals. Event signage fulfills the dual purpose of branding your business and marketing your products or services in the process.

OPA Signs offers a variety of event signage services to help establish your brand visually at corporate and community events. We listen to your specific needs and create the perfect, cost-effective solution for your business.

Vehicle Signs

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America says that more than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. Using your vehicle or business fleet is a great way to help your business stand out in the crowd.

You can choose from Magnetic Signs that offer affordable, temporary vehicle signage, or Vehicle Wraps that provide affordable ways to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

OPA Signs & Graphics offers vehicle graphic and vehicle wrap services that will give your business the attention-getting design and brand awareness you deserve.

OPA Signs is located in New Orleans, La., and we are well-positioned to provide service to the following locations: New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Westbank, Houma, LaPlace, Mandeville, Covington, Hammond, Slidell, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Gulf Coast.

Repairs and Refurbishing 

OPA Signs and Graphics does more than just create your new signs–we also repair and refurbish existing signs. No matter whether your sign was installed by our experts or by another signage provider, you can count on us to solve your signage problems. Your sign does not need to be broken for us to improve it either. We have experience retrofitting older signs to make them more visible, more energy efficient, less maintenance intensive, or all of the above!


Bring us you Logo, and we will show you how to create the best sign package for your business.  40 years + DESIGNING IT RIGHT

Here is what you can expect to see before you make your investment.


Project Management

Our well trained project managers and support staff, many with 20+ years in the industry, partner with customers from the very first stages of planning to the final phase of installation. Our collaborative approach and excellent service are key reasons why several of our customer relationships have lasted more than 40 years.

Each customer is assigned a project manager whose role includes, but is not limited to:

  • Learning and understanding your needs and expectations.
  • Conducting a careful evaluation and situation analysis.
  • Preparing and presenting to you a complete sign program, from production through installation.
  • Working with the design department to initiate design concepts and drawings.
  • Assisting in setting and maintaining a project budget.
  • Establishing a project timetable.
  • Scheduling and managing site surveys, both physical and photographic.
  • Providing code checks and handling all permitting.
  • Preparing and presenting progress reports.
  • Overseeing the Implementation Team that installs the signage and closely monitoring any issues that may arise.
  • Finalizing the billing process.
  • Overseeing your maintenance needs.

Even after installation, the relationships between our project managers and customers continue over the long term, keeping the doors of communication open for account updates and ideas. OPA remains available for service and maintenance for our installed signs – and ready to assist when it is time for rebranding and re-imaging.

Design and Engineering

We supply as much—or as little—creative input as your project requires. We work closely with your design and branding partners, and have a long history of collaborating with renowned design firms.

Great signage begins with great design, and OPA’s in-house team is one of the industry’s best. Our highly experienced designers and engineers bring customers’ corporate identities and brand standards to life. We transform rough concepts into striking drawings that conform to every site specification.   

We are experts in visually enhancing your corporate identity while incorporating the requirements of landlords, local ordinances and environmental regulations. Through sophisticated software, our engineering team leverages the laws of physics, determining the best materials to meet design, load-bearing and even wind-speed requirements. Our estimators calculate the costs to implement the entire program, taking into account such factors as the long-term electricity and maintenance savings of using LED lighting. Based on customer feedback and budgets, the entire signage program is adjusted accordingly.

In-House Manufacturing

Whether a customer needs high-rise, pylon or monument signs – or custom lettering, menu boards, awnings or architectural elements – OPA’s state-of-the-art facilities are capable of handling a high volume of orders to meet deadlines and budgets.

In our New Orleans  facility we work with a vast array of materials including plastics, aluminum, aluminum composites (ACM), structural steel and polycarbonates. Our ability to create all of our customers’ signage and architectural elements in-house, rather than via outsourcing, ensures the highest levels of quality and consistency.

OPA’s investment in innovative technologies and automation brings added value to our customers. Our top-of-the-line equipment includes machinery capable of bending sheet metal into ovals, pole covers and more; 3D routers that create formed faces, and channel-letter machines that bend letters to exact specifications. We also employ skilled craftsmen who produce top-quality welded architectural elements and letters.


OPA’ s controls the installation time lines to keep your project on schedule.  We partner with a robust network of highly qualified installation and service companies throughout the Western Hemisphere. This large network of over 1,000 smaller companies, strategically located throughout the U.S. allows OPA to be competitive in terms of installation costs.

Warranty and Repairs

OPA  continues to be available after installation to provide service or maintenance to our installed signs. We warrant that all service and repair performed by OPA or our subcontractors are free of defects in workmanship for a period of one year from the date of service. Any service or repair that must be redone due to faulty workmanship will be done at no cost to the client.

Contact with us through our representative or submit a business inquiry online.

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I like their design work, plus I’ve found OPA to be reliable and efficient at delivering a quality product over many years.  They bring what they say!

Mark Inman - Coldwell Banker Vice President

The quality of the signs I purchased and the install were perfect! I was able to do a quick tour of the facility and they have some really cool stuff.

William Davidson

I can’t say enough about my experience working with OPA for both of my businesses. We have worked with them on numerous sign collaborations as well as other projects and they deliver on time, with quality products. Mark and Mike make the process easy and smooth while paying attention to all the details. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Mandy Simspon

Wonderful business to work with. There was an error upon installation and they immediately corrected it and made it right. Great response time and even better customer service. Highly recommend OPA Graphics!

Thorson Dentistry for Kids

OPA has the capacity and flexibility to handle just about any type of job, even beyond graphics and signage. Their design department is stellar, and their ability to combine traditional and digital manufacturing methods sets them apart from other companies in the region.

CASA New Orleans